About Us

About Us


  • We are accountable to our community.
  • We honor history and foster respect, cooperation and support between generations.
  • We are committed to racial, social and restorative justice.
  • We work to strengthen other organizations and businesses in our community.
  • We develop leadership and opportunities.

 Our Approach and the Powerful Living Process  

Many families and individuals in the Village of Hope are adversely impacted by multiple systems including: education, housing, healthcare, employment, and criminal justice. We work together to change these realities.

Our approach is rooted in an African/African- American experience that welcomes and embraces all people.

Village Gathering 

The Village of Hope promotes excellence for all of our people, including those who are currently and formerly incarcerated through the Powerful Living Process.  We believe that every person has purpose and a role in making our community strong and healthy.

Through individual growth and support, collective learning, community organizing and leadership development our families and community will be more powerful.

The Powerful Living Process includes:
  • Individual Support.
  • Village Gatherings.
  • Community Organizing & Leadership Development.
  • Documentation and Evaluation.

Monroe BPC Gathering

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