The Village of Hope is rooted in an African/African American experience, and we are committed to a powerful and unified community. We welcome and embrace all people who are in the struggle to end racism and usher in justice.

Our mission is to work in cooperation with other organizations and with elders, children, youth and adults to build and experience a strong and healthy community where people are liberated to live powerfully in every aspect of our lives.


Village of Hope Meeting

Every Wednesday 6-8 pm

The Wiley Center
Joe Thomas Community Room
9800 8th Avenue SW
Seattle, WA 98106


In response to COVID-19 we are not meeting in person. We are using virtual platforms for our weekly meetings. Contact us by email or phone for the most up to date meeting information.

Black Prisoner's Caucus

The Village of Hope is in partnership with the Black Prisoners Caucus at several institutions and helps to coordinate community attendance at meetings and other events at summits and forums throughout the year.

Due to COVID-19, events are cancelled.

About Us

Our History

The Village of Hope emerged from racial and social justice work at Freedom Church of Seattle in the late 1990s to address education, criminal justice, economic development, healing, and the love ethic. That work included leadership or partnership in efforts such as:

  • Allies for African American Success
  • Taking Care of Kids Is Power
  • People's Institute Undoing Racism Workshops
  • Coalition to Undo Racism Everywhere
  • The Black Prisoners Caucus
  • … and other efforts

In 2004 the Village of Hope was founded as a non-profit organization to serve the community.

The Village of Hope employs the Powerful Living Process that promotes excellence for all of our people through collective learning and support, community organizing and leadership development.

The Powerful Living Process includes:

  • Weekly Community Organizing Meetings
  • Village Gatherings that are topic or issue focused
  • Community Organizing & Leadership Development
  • Support to partner organizations

Our Guiding Principles

The Village of Hope is part of a network that has incorporated Undoing Racism Principles developed by the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond:

  • Value and Learn From History
  • Value Culture
  • Address Racism
  • Develop Leadership
  • Maintain Accountability
  • Network Effectively
  • Operate with an Analysis of Power
  • Understand the Role of Gatekeeping
  • Understand the Dynamics of Internalized Racial Oppression

Support the Work of the Village

Donations are always welcome.

We are a 501c3 organization. Our EIN# is 20-2177153.

Or send check or money order to:
The Village of Hope Seattle
P.O. Box 46485
Seattle Washington 98146